About Me



My name is Kat – an artist-engineer with a deep desire for Sagacity. What do I mean by “Artist Engineering”? It is a humble attempt to convey the ideology that creativity and pure analytical prowess are capable of being intertwined towards one common goal. I’ve become familiar with this term during my early years as an Engineering Student. This quality became the cornerstone of my career advancement.

I want to personally welcome you to my online universe where Alchemy and Engineering, the right brain, the left brain. You got the idea…

As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else.”

What do you want to do when you grow up? This is a VERY challenging question for me. I keep struggling to answer it because I am genuinely interested in a lot of disciplines. However, I keep finding myself anchored to certain foundations: Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Biomedical Applications for impactful and positive clinical outcomes. What can I say, I do care about the well-being of our human race…

Perhaps you are interested to know my academic and professional background – allow me to provide the info in a nutshell below:

  • Engineering Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering
  • Advanced Degree in Health Informatics
  • Self taught in Mobile Health App Development, Agile Deployment, Gamification, Data Science and Analytics, IoT controlled Systems, Operational Management, Business Administration (Focus on Early-Stage Startups), etc. (I can’t remember anymore, yup, this is what a nerd consists of…)
  • Co-founder of TechVerse Coworking Space, Rabat City, Morocco – the first tech-oriented coworking space in the kingdom.
  • Chief Software Architect of Sutures App – Gamified Gastro-intestinal e-Surgery Simulator (Check it out! )
  • Now, I’m a Research Fellow at University of Missouri’s Center for Biomedical Informatics.

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